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In the last 25 years Huizen Beheer Maastricht has grown to become the largest manager of privately owned real-estate in Maastricht and surroundings. On a daily basis we are involved in  the financial, operational, judicial and technical management for our owners and are always reachable on our 24/7 emergency number.


Our experience and enthusiasm guarantee a unique market knowledge and a ‘no nonsense’ approach. Our extensive networks are built on the basis of mutual trust where personal relationships play a central role in the way that we work as such before adding a property to our portfolio we would like to meet you first.


During this meeting we hope to get to know you better but also touch upon important aspects such as; yield calculations based on market conform rental prices, the height and coverage of the current service fees, the yearly increases, the maintenance status and the most optimal layout of the building, whether the building meets the latest fire safety requirements, has the correct permitting and licenses (use permits, planological status, residential splitting etc.). Through years of experience in managing properties and as a stakeholder in the local real-estate market we well versed in both local and national legislation. In this way we have assisted in over 500 legalizations since 2015.


We believe that proper management should be custom fit depending on the building or portfolio and with close cooperation can be done as you wish. As property managers we aim to completely unburden you as an owner where the majority of our fee is earned back. In this way a share of the management costs can be claimed through service fees. Would you like more information as to what we can do for you? Contact us for a chat with no obligation to yourself.

Financial management

Financial management starts with the proper rental administration and the corresponding service fee settlements. It consists of more than simply invoicing and the yearly indexing of rental prices but also necessitates oversight in debt collection and finding timely solutions to limit loss, all of which is accessible 24/7 through our internet portal.


  • Monthly invoicing of rental fees and announcing automatic collections
  • Automatic collection of rental fees and handling the additional financials
  • Monitoring payments and rent arrears
  • Sending reminders for payment or if necessary engaging a bailiff
  • Monthly reports detailing receipts and expenditures (rent settlements)
  • Implementing rental increases including written notifications
  • On request providing additional overviews
  • A yearly service fee tabulation and the invoicing and settlement hereof

operational management

Operational management is very comprehensive, and it is our aim to take all the worries off your hands. In practice this means that we are the daily (24 hours a day)point of contact for the tenant who lost their keys on Sunday night, , the angry neighbour being kept awake in the middle of the night to   restoring water damage from a leak or the restoring the heating on public holidays. Besides being available to and for tenants we also carry out periodical inspections of the property and perform check in and out inspections. We offer the following depending on your wishes:


  • Point of contact for tenants with questions, complaints and malfunctions
  • Point of contact for neighbours and residents for feedback, complaints and disturbances
  • Point of contact for the municipality and other institutions
  • Periodical inspections of buildings and facilitating check in and out procedures
  • Registering the maintenance status of the building and drafting a multi-year maintenance plan
  • Providing maintenance advice
  • Coordination of fire safety inspections, taxations and valuations, insurances and replacement of utility meters
  • Additional options such as the (periodical) cleaning of the building

Technical management

We aim to resolve defects and malfunctions quickly and to the satisfaction of our tenants as well as  our owners in a professional manner whilst still keeping costs low. Our technical services consists of 5 professionals (a plumber, electrician, plasterer/tiler, an all rounder and dedicated cleaner) all of which have their own fully kitted out service vehicles to resolve frequently occurring issues quickly and expertly. Additionally, throughout the years we have garnered an extensive network of local specialists on which we can rely on to resolve almost any issue quickly with very competitive prices and generous discounts.


  • If wished quotes and pricing in advance
  • Complete coordination and key management
  • Informing tenants of any planned works
  • Verification of completed projects or work orders
  • Informing tenants of completed activities
  • Verifying invoices and bills


Aside from small repairs our technicians are well versed in carrying out renovations. This can range from smaller renovations such as the placement of a new shower or kitchen to complete building works. Our team has rebuilt numerous (monument) properties to facilitate multiple apartments and/or studio’s within the last few years.

Inspection program

In the rental sector the ability to assess properties at the beging and end of tenancies is becoming increasingly important. In 2003 changes to the law place the burden of proof for any damages to a property during a tenancy with the owner. Huizen Beheer Maastricht have developed our own inspection program for the check in and out procedures for buildings under our care. This specially developed program allows us to create a report detailing the space with accompanying pictures reducing any potential discussions about deposit returns.


The same program is used for the periodical inspections we carry out of our properties, this way we are able to map the sate of the general areas in a clear way.

TAXES - Box 3

When a person busies themselves with the buying, selling and letting of real estate it could be construed as profit gains from a business (or resulting from other activities). No hard line exists with regards to this as such, as is the case for any grey area, the facts are extremely important. The core question is often: ‘what do you do yourself?’ For Box 1 investments profit is taxed and the (maintenance) costs can be deducted.


In practice discussions with the tax authority are cropping up more frequently where judges are having to give their opinion on the matter. As a consequence the grey area is becoming more defined, following this the guidelines they give for Box 1 are as follows:

  • Performing administrative tasks yourself (placing adverts, resolving issues, drawing tenancy agreements, collecting rent, making payments etc. )
  • Carrying out maintenance yourself (renovations etc.)
  • Frequent buying and selling of properties with profit
  • Being involved in the property intensively (buying, maintaining relationships with parties etc.)


Box 3 is often preferred for real estate investors as this is often the least taxed. When the investor remains passive, by outsourcing the management of the property, the investment is allowed to fall under Box 3.

local involvement

Stakeholder Municipality Maastricht: as the largest property manager of private real estate in Maastricht we are involved in the community. In this way in the last years Huizen Beheer Maastricht has been actively involved as a stakeholder for the municipality of Maastricht and the province of Limburg in but not limited to the Structuurvisie Wonen Zuid-Limburg, Splitting and conversion policies, Evaluatie Woonagenda Maastricht, Project Veilige Kamers and the recent pilot Student & Leefbaarheid.


VVWM: On the 6th of May 2015 Huib van Gastel and Tom Kissels together with Bill Vandenbergh founded the owners association Vereniging Verhuurders Woonruimtes Maastricht (VVWM) with the mandate to improve, coordinate and propagate joint interests with regards to spatial planning and residence. The association has grown to more than 400 members which together represent 46% of the student market. For more information visit


Quality Mark Prettig Wonen: Originates from the collaboration between private owners associated tot he VVWM, education institutions (University Maastricht, Zuyd Hogeschool, JvE academy), the fire department South-Limburg, housing cooperatives, the student board and neighbourhood committees.


Why the quality mark? Maastricht is a growing international student city. Its students need lodgings but how can they determine whether the residence is safe and trustworthy? The quality mark allows tenants to see at glance that the property is in accordance with fire safety regulations, burglar-proofing measures are in place and that the owner is dependable and easily contacted. For more information visit


Ensuring the safety in a building is a joint partnership between the owners and their tenants. Owners are responsible for the technical safety of the building whereas the tenant is responsible in its safe use. Aside from periodical inspections on its use it is also important that the building meets the  latest local and national legal requirements.


 Our technical services are specialised in fire safety modifications in accordance with the latest legislation. We assist owners in making sure their building meets these requirements regardless of whether Huizen Beheer Maastricht manages your property. To see which measures should be taken your building will be screened (free of charge) first, after which an appropriate quote can be made.


If you have any questions or would like a an obligation free screening of the building send us a request at

Koningspleinflat campus

During the tunnelling of the A2 highway we were commissioned to manage the municipal flat complex Koningsplein between 2010 and 2017 by Ballast-Nedam.


Upon receiving the property into our care the building was in poor shape and for many in the neighbourhood considered an eye sore. Many apartments were squatted and there was a high incidence of drug use in and around the building. Together with the client Ballast-Nedam (Avenue2) we chose to create a temporary student campus in the building. We realised a 99,3 % occupancy rate and improved the neighbourhood, this whilst keeping any hindrances to our tennats by the tunnelling to a minimum.


Period: 2010-2017

Number of students: 175 to 200

Number of apartments: 90

Type of apartment: 1, 2, 3 bedrooms

References: On request

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