investment property in maastricht?

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Buying or selling investment properties around Maastricht

When looking for investment possibilities with a healthy return buying property in a city like Maastricht, with a growing international student population, can be a wise choice. To successfully invest in such an environment good advice is priceless. Finding opportunities and being aware of the pitfalls.


We advise and guide prospective owners in important aspects when buying investment properties in matters such as location, marketability, expected rental revenues, optimal layout, renovations, the necessary fire safety requirements and the zoning status of the building. Through our years of experience in managing properties and involvement as a stakeholder in the local real-estate market we have in depth working knowledge of local legislation and regulations. As such since 2015 we have assisted in over 500 legalizations of buildings.


We deliver accurate yield calculations by calculating the maximum and market conform prices instead of relying on the selling parties estimates. By using accurate yield calculations and with full knowledge of the pitfalls you have perfect information when deciding whether to invest in a given property.


After purchase we are glad to help in finding complimentary tenants and setting up the legal documentation such as tenancy agreements. Additionally, we can also manage the day to day business of the property for you. In short, we offer a total package.


Advantages gained from our guidance in your purchase:

  • Being first in line for buildings that aren’t (yet) up for public purchase.
  • Exclusive opportunities in purchasing solid real estate
  • Thorough advise in fiscal and financial opportunities as well as the pitfalls
  • Realistic appraisals as to the rentability of an object based on our experiences as the largest property manager in Maastricht and with over 20 years of experience
  • Up to date information as to local legislation and regulations
  • Verification of tenancy agreements (in already occupied properties), licensing, permits and fire safety standards
  • Extensive investment analysis: Is the price justified against the return requirements ?
  • Within apartment legislation: an investigation into the owners association (rental permissions, balance, budgeting and maintenance plans)
  • Help in negotiations: Realising favourable purchase prices
  • Verification of the purchase deed and notary assistance
  • Professional help, support and advise in (re)building, renovations and re-purposing
  • Carrying out and managing construction projects
  • Aftercare of the property in tenant acquisition and management


Selling an investment property?

Aside from our services in the purchase of an investment property we also offer assistance in the event you wish to sell or are deciding to sell real estate. On the basis of yield calculations, location and maintenance status we are able to advise you in maximising your asking price.


Interested in knowing more about what we can do for you? Contact us for an obligation free appointment.

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