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Renovation and Transformation

Renovation and Transformation
In addition to minor repairs, we specialize in renovations ranging from small upgrades like new showers or kitchens to complete overhauls. Over the past years, we’ve collaborated with subcontractors to transform various (often historical) buildings into multiple apartments and/or studios.

Legalization and Fire Safety
Beginning in 2015, the municipality of Maastricht initiated inspections of rental properties for both fire safety compliance and adherence to zoning regulations and policies. Results from the first 100 inspected properties revealed that more than half were “illegal”. Since 2015, we’ve facilitated over 700 legalization processes and expedited fire safety measures in 450 rental properties, such as installing fire barriers, fireproof penetrations, and thousands of interconnected smoke detectors. These tasks were carried out by our in-house technical team in close collaboration with various contractors and freelancers.

Transformation and Development
Over the past 15 years, we’ve transformed dozens of properties, many of which were historical, into multiple rooms, studios, or apartments. For example, in the city center’s Leliestraat, we converted the former nightclub ‘Allebonneur’ into a modern and luxurious apartment complex with 18 studios and apartments. Similarly, complexes on the Markt, Kesselskade, Achter het Vleeshuis, and Parallelweg have recently undergone complete transformations. With our extensive experience and involvement as stakeholders in the local real estate market, we’re well-versed in both national and local laws and regulations. This, combined with our in-house technical department and extensive network of subcontractors, has resulted in transformations of which we are rightfully proud.

Efficiently Resolving
Issues and Defects In addition to the numerous changes in legislation, the current tenants’ expectations have significantly evolved. Today’s tenants are less self-reliant and more demanding. Skillfully and promptly addressing problems and malfunctions is therefore essential for effective management. Our in-house technical team is dedicated to resolving common issues, from door locks and electrical problems to minor leaks and replacing toilets, showers, or kitchens.

Insulation and Sustainability
As gas and electricity prices continue to rise, utility costs constitute an increasingly significant portion of the total rent. Properties with high energy efficiency ratings are more desirable and receive higher scores in the Dutch Housing Points System (WWS). Therefore, investing in the sustainability of rental properties is a wise decision that yields long-term benefits. The first step towards sustainability is insulation, where we assess all aspects, discuss potential solutions, and coordinate implementation.