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Lost keys

it can be frustrating should you have lost your keys or locked yourself out. If we have a spare key, we can help you open the lock.

Borrowing a key during office hours
  • If we have a spare key on hand you may borrow it for free and make a backup copy at a key makers or hardware store.
  • For your own safety you will need identify yourself (we do not give keys to third parties).
  • A deposit (minimum €50.00 in cash) must be paid to borrow the key.
  • You should return the borrowed key before 17:30 PM on the same day.
  • If you have lost a certified key we will have to order a new key from the supplier. These are made to order and incur higher costs (between €50 and €100) after the key has been received we will send you an invoice.

In the evenings and weekends
If we have a spare key (and are able to do so) we can arrange for someone to open the door. Please note, this is not a free service!
  • For your own safety you must identify yourself
  • The costs are at least €100.00 excl. VAT and must be paid on site.
  • We can only open the door outside of office hours. We do not have spare keys for all accommodations and certainly do not have extra (certified) keys in stock.
Calling in a locksmith
If you do not have access to a spare key because for example, you have not left a spare key somewhere or we are not able to open the door you will have to call in the help of a locksmith. You must pay the costs for the locksmith (+ the damage incurred) yourself. Unfortunately, there are many locksmiths who abuse the emergency situation so always check whether the locksmith appears reliable and charges clear rates.
  • We recommend HSB Locksmiths in Maastricht, see website.
  • If the lock is replaced you are obliged to inform us and provide us with a spare key.
  • Often they can open the lock without damaging it. If the door or doorframe gets damaged please let us know and we can work together to see how we can solve this.

Leave a spare key somewhere
Prevention is of course the best option, it is wise to give someone close to you a spare key. Consider leaving a key with someone you can easily contact if you have lost or forgotten your keys for example, the neighbours, a family member or an acquaintance in the area.