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Paying the rent

Paying the rent

Rent is always paid in advance (eg. The rent for April is paid by the 31st of March at the latest). This can be transferred to us by bank transfer monthly or collected automatically through a recurrent collection.

Via recurrent collection: This is the easiest way and your rent will always be paid on time without you having to think about transferring it. With a recurrent collection form you authorize us to collect your rent before the 1st of each month, you just need to make sure there is enough balance on the account. Would you like to authorize us for a recurrent collection? Contact us and we will send you the form.

scheduled transfer: You can organize scheduled transfers with your bank of choice, the bank will then schedule these automatically for you so that the rent arrives on time. Has your rent changed? Remember to change this in the transfers, that way the right amount gets transferred. Recurrent collections have our preference due to ease (for you and for us).

Rent arrears  
However you choose to pay the rent should be paid on time. Can’t pay the rent ? Should you have problems meeting the payment requirements contact us immediately. Payment problems won’t go away by themselves but we are happy to find a solution together such as making a payment plan or finding a different solution together. Don’t wait longer than needed as a large dept is hard to repay.

Aren’t reacting to our reminders ? Should we not hear from you the file is handed over to the bailiffs. Additional legal and collection fees as well as interest apply in this case. In some cases we can still facilitate a payment plan with the bailiffs. In the worst case the district courts can remit your rental agreement after which you will need to vacate your home. When facing payment issues let us know immediately.

Rental subsidy
For some people the option exists to request a rental subsidy. The rental subsidy (huurtoeslag) is paid by the tax authorities/ subsidies department and are between you and the government. If you are eligible for rental subsidy is dependent on your income, your assets, the cold rent, type of accommodation and the makeup of your household. Do you want to know if you are eligible for this? Have a look at the tax authorities website where you can also request the rental subsidy (