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Complete Real Estate Management

Complete Real Estate Management and More...

Over the past 25 years, Huizen Beheer Maastricht has evolved into the largest manager and landlord of private real estate in Maastricht and its surrounding areas. Whether it’s managing (student) residences, apartment complexes, or campuses, we take care of all the tasks and responsibilities. We handle financial, operational, legal, and technical management on a daily basis for our property owners and provide access to a 24/7 emergency hotline.

Our management portfolio, consisting of over 2100 units, is managed for both individual private investors with one or multiple properties, as well as institutional investors, developers, or housing associations.

Our experience and enthusiasm ensure unique market knowledge and a ‘no-nonsense’ approach. We have an extensive and valuable network of relationships and operate based on mutual trust, with long-standing personal relationships at the core. Before including your property in our portfolio, we prefer to meet with you personally.

During this meeting, we’ll discuss all relevant aspects, including return calculations based on maximum market-based rental prices, the adequacy of current service charges, annual rent increases, the maintenance status of the property, the optimal layout, compliance with the latest fire safety requirements, and possession of necessary permits (occupancy permit/notification, zoning status, subdivision permits, etc.). With our extensive experience in managing residential properties and our involvement as stakeholders in the local real estate market, we are well-versed in both national and local laws and regulations. Since 2015 alone, we’ve facilitated over 700 property legalizations in Maastricht.

Effective management is tailored

Effective management is tailored, and depending on the property or portfolio, it can be customized to your specific needs through close collaboration. Our primary goal is to provide complete peace of mind for you as the landlord, allowing you to recoup the majority of the management fee. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can assist you or if you’d like to discuss further, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at your convenience, and with no obligation.

Financial Management

Financial management begins with proper rental administration of all associated settlements of (service) costs. It involves more than just invoicing and the annual indexing of rent; it requires strict control of the collection and taking of measures in a timely manner where unexpectedly necessary. All this is can be monitored 24/7 through our online internet portal.

What we take care of for you +

  • Monthly invoicing of rental payments and the announcement of direct debits
  • Automatically collect rents and processing additional financial transactions
  • Monitoring payments and rent arrears
  • Sending payment reminders or dunning’s and, if necessary, calling in a bailiff
  • Preparing monthly reports with receipts and expenditures (rental statements)
  • Sending rent increases and associated written notifications
  • Providing other overviews upon request
  • Drawing up annual service charge statements and taking care of the associated settlements

Operational management

Operational management is very comprehensive, where we take care of the day to day. In practice this means that we are the daily point of contact (24 hours a day): from the tenant who forgot his keys on Sunday evening, the handling of moisture damage due to a leak, the angry neighbour in the middle of the night with noise complaints to the heating failing during the holidays. In addition to being a point of contact for tenants, tasks such as periodic checks of the building and the initial and final inspection of the accommodation also fall under operational management. We can carry out all or some of these tasks depending on your specific wishes

What we take care of for you +

  • A point of contact for tenants for questions, complaints and malfunctions
  • A point of contact for neighbours and local residents for comments and complaints
  • A point of contact for the municipality and other organizations
  • Periodic checks of the buildings and carrying out the initial and final inspection with a change of tenancy
  • Registering the maintenance status of the building and drafting a multi-year maintenance plan
  • Issue maintenance advice
  • Coordination of fire safety checks, property tax assessments, insurance, replacing utility meters, etc.
  • Possibility of (periodic) cleaning

Technisch beheer

Malfunctions and defects must be resolved quickly and to the satisfaction of the tenant and landlord. This, in a professional manner at the lowest possible cost.

Our own technical service now consists of 5 professionals (plumber, electrician, plasterer/tiler, all-rounder and cleaner), all equipped with a fully equipped service vehicle to resolve all common complaints quickly and professionally. In addition, over the years we have been able to build up an extensive relationship with various specialized local parties to resolve all possible malfunctions and defects. Our agreements with this not only concern rapid handling of the malfunctions, but also discounts and very favourable rates.

What we take care of for you +

  • If desired, quotes and price calculations in advance
  • Full coordination and key management
  • Inform tenants about repairs/renovations
  • Inspect the work carried out
  • Coupling back completed work to tenants (after sales)
  • Checking invoices and offers

In addition to minor repairs, our technical service is also specialized in renovations. These range from small renovations such as a new shower or kitchen to a complete renovation. In recent years we have divided various (monumental) buildings and converted them into several homes.

Control program

The extensive delivery of living spaces is becoming increasingly important in the rental industry.

Since the amendment of Dutch rental law in 2003, the burden of proof for the condition of the home no longer lies with the tenant but rather the landlord must demonstrate that any defects were not present at the start of the lease. Huizen Beheer Maastricht uses its own developed inspection program for the initial and final inspections of its homes. By recording the condition of the home in writing as well as through an extensive photo report, potential discussions with tenants about the handling of deposits are prevented.

We also carry out  the control program for periodic checks of the buildings. The condition of the building and general areas is recorded and made transparent.